Welcome to Provo Canyon School

Provo Canyon School is a provider of residential youth treatment and has a deep history of supporting the academic, therapeutic, and developmental needs of their students. We have a diverse population of students referred to our services from all over North America. For more than 40 years, we have continued to enhance, expand and improve services and resources for families and students. Located in the heart of Utah and shadowed by the Wasatch Mountains, Provo Canyon School has two main campuses with one located in Springville, Utah, and the other in Provo, Utah. Over our extensive history, we have established a reputation for being a premier school and residential mental health treatment center that serves youth that are struggling with emotional, behavioral and academic challenges.

We serve both boys and girls ages 8 through 18 and have a gender-specific program for boys as well as for girls at two distinct and separate locations. Also, for youth between the ages of 8 years old and 12 years old we provide a specific program that is co-educational and designed to meet the needs of pre-adolescent or early adolescent youth.


We pride our success and accomplishment in supporting the growth of our students which is due largely to our unique approach to treatment. Our focus for assisting students with emotional and behavioral needs uses a learning-based, positive psychology format that impacts them not only in an treatment setting but in an academic setting as well as in all other life domains such as relationships with peers and family, personal management, service to others, emotional growth, sports, recreation, specific individual needs, and many others. Using evidence-based approaches combined with continual success monitoring, Provo Canyon School has been able to generate an environment of therapeutic learning that impacts the holistic needs of our students. Our approach to treatment creates effective environment for developing trust, inspiring success, and generating hope for overcoming deep emotional challenges.